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Fun Fall Party Theme: Campout!!

Fall is just around the corner. Last year we did a super fun CAMPOUT birthday party for our little boy & now that I have my blog, I have to share. It was a HUGE success. The kids enjoyed it, the parents enjoyed it & I had such a blast getting it all ready & decorated. We called it “Camp Cruz.” The kids played in the backyard, ate a simple hot dog roast dinner, snacked on birthday treats & of course…S’MORES!

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Table Cloth & Banner: I found this awesome flannel print fabric at a thrift store for only a few dollars. There was enough to make a triangular banner with it & use it to cover two large folding tables. We set the tent up to go with the theme. The kids really had a blast playing in it.

Pinecones: I seriously made my husband pull over on the side of the road so I could pick up pinecones for this!! It was funny but I really thought it would go with the theme perfectly & they were free! I used the pine cones on the tables, for a pinecone banner & as food label holders.

Lights: We have outlets in our backyard so I used a strand of twinkle lights with mint green tulle tied all around it. It really added to the decorations, especially when the sun went down.

Piñata: This was my very first homemade piñata!! I just cut out the shape of a 2 from cardboard and started fringing & gluing my day away! I added “Camp Cruz” to it, a campfire & some pine trees that I made from craft paper. It looks super homemade but I loved it!

Candy Worms: I took cans and added card stock to them & filled them with gummy worms for a fun look. I left the tongs there for the kids to use so that they would not cut themselves on the edges.

Floral: I love having flower arrangements around, especially when we have guest over. We stopped by a field the morning of the party on our morning walk around the neighborhood. I picked weeds & flowers to create these little arrangements. I placed a couple on this table and then a few on other tables around the yard, You can use jars, cans or cups (like I did) to place them in. Super cute & free!

Cake: I love this cake. I looked online for so many ideas & tons of people made one like but I read through post on her campfire cake & then I attempted it on my own. It was a huge it! The candy flames are covering up a flameless candle so it lit up the flames when it was dark enough outside.

Party Favors: This is a nice way to thank the guest for taking the time to come & celebrate. It can also add to part of the party décor. For this party I made homemade S’more Cookies & wrapped them in plastic goodie bags. I found pine tree themed card stock to use for the Thank You Tags & just tied it all together with curling ribbon & added a pinecone for fun. I placed them in an old picnic basket I had lying around the house & added a piece of the flannel fabric to match.

   Food: I used brown card stock and pinecones for food/treat labels for play on theme words (pretzels were “little logs” cookies were “campfire cookies,” puff chips were “orange worms,” Juice drinks were “bug juice”). I thought it was FUN for the kids. The hot dog roast was perfect for the party & it was nice to feed our guests dinner since it was an evening party. The men got carried away with it & ended up doing a hot dog eating competition. I think they had TOO much fun (even thought they regretted it later).

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I really hope this gives you some FUN ideas for your next fall birthday party. If you want “S’MORE” detail on how things were made please let me know. Enjoy!!!


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