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Super Sweet Watermelon Birthday Party!!

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Before Summer is over, I want to share this fun watermelon themed birthday party that I did for my daughter’s 1st birthday in May. I thought this would be a CUTE idea for my daughter’s birthday ❤ I did not realize how popular this theme was until I starting Googling & Pintresting for ideas… & there is so many cute ideas for WATERMELON PARTIES. If I had more planning time, I would have wanted to do a whole lot more. But, here are some of the fun things I did.

Take a look & I hope it inspires you to create your own Watermelon Birthday Party!

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Little banners & lettering add a cute touch. I just cute out triangles for a banner & punched 1″ circles for garland & sewed them together. The red pom-pom puffs were $1 each at Wal-Mart. Also, I just taped a plastic green table cloth to the wall to change the background for only $1. I was so happy with how the piñata turned out. Yes…it takes SO MUCH TIME to make, but it’s so much cuter than a store bought one.

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Here’s some of the table décor. I got the table cloth at Wal-Mart. It is fabric that was in the clearance section for $1/yr. Three yards of picnic themed fabric for $3!! Yippee. I actually use it all the time in the backyard on the table when we have guests over or when we eat dinner outside.

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Watermelon cupcakes! Yum. This was a special edition Betty Crocker Watermelon flavor cake mix & watermelon flaver icing. It tasted like watermelon flavor bubble gum. Sounds weird but it turned out very well & the kids loved it. I added a Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Flavor gummy on top to complete it. I then took red cardstock and cut it to fit around the cupcake for a fun look.

I saved my Michael’s 40% off coupon and bought an Alphabet Stamp Set. It is so simple & just black ink but I LOVE IT. I used it to add “L’s” to the circle punch outs for décor on the party favors & cupcake picks (wrote her name). Simple & cute detail.

DIY Watermelon Pinata! I love this piñata. It was hard to see it get banged up! This is so simple to make. You have to try it rather than buying one. Yes, it does take some time but it is so worth it! Check out my strawberry piñata post to get details about the technique I use (just cut a different shape for the watermelon).

{Party Favors: I bought watermelon bubble gum & wrapped them in cute snack size zip baggies that were lime green & said “YUM” on the front. I also threw in a few watermelon candies & then tied them with pink curling ribbon & a thank you tag. I totally forgot to take a photo of it (this party was before my BLOG began) but they were WAY cute}

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Flowers from the yard with mason jars are perfect for simple, FREE décor. I set these arrangements on all the tables in the backyard.

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My dear friend ordered Lila her very own smash cake from a local bakery. I am sure it was pricey (it was a fancy bakery) so I know this can easily be homemade for a whole lot less. Just use a small cake pan & décor to your liking. The cake stand was made with a candle stick from Dollar Tree (spray painted white) and a white glass plate from Walmart. Just hot glue them together & ta-da…a super cute cake stand. I had the white spray paint, glue gun & sticks at home so it was only $2 out of pocket for this for the party. I use the still use the stand.

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This is where the cake smash MESS memories were made. I took her highchair & added some fun to it. I used tissue papers that I had at home and crafting paper cut outs then sewed them together to make fun garland for her tray. Super easy & it made a big difference than a plain tray.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next PARTY! Everyone loves watermelon so you can’t go wrong! Let me know how it goes!!


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