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DIY Pallet Kitchen Stand

Simple. Easy. Lovely…DIY Kitchen Stand from Pallets.

Kitchen stand 004

I’m so happy to share…my first DIY pallet furniture making experience with you! The other day my husband suggested that we build something with the two pallets that we had at home (My hubby picked them up at a construction site near our house. The workers just gave them to him! I’m sure they were happy to let him take them…& we were happy too).

Lately, I have been Pintrest-ing all kinds of pallet furniture ideas. There are so many cute ideas out there for pallet DIY projects. When we first started this one, we were thinking it would be a great outdoor stand in our patio area. However, after we were finished I loved it so much I wanted it inside. This is our first attempt at pallet furniture so take a look and I hope you like it enough to attempt one too!

PS: I loved working with my husband on this project. It was fun working together to turn JUNK into a cool piece of furniture.

Alright…let’s get started!

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 002

Step 1: Get 2 pallets! Usually you can get them for FREE. Just check around your area to see where they are giving them away. Free pallets are great because the cost of wood for projects can add up. These are cement pallets so they are very solid and heavy duty. Our completed stand is probably around 150 pounds (my husband says so).

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 004

 Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 006

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 008

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 009

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 010

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 015

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 016

Step 2: Decide how you want your stand to look. Plan out shelving, cubby slots, etc. We decided to do one large middle cut out (for wine bottles, larger books, larger décor items). Then we did two smaller cut outs on each side (for smaller décor items, plates, wine glasses, etc.). My man made all the cuts for me (but I watched & listened to his instruction so I can try on my own sometime). Since we wanted the cut outs to be deep, we cut through both pallets. The front pallet had both sides of wood removed and the back pallet had only the first slat of wood removed.

NOTE: !f I could go back and change ONE thing about my stand…it would have been to add more shelves! I only did the upper section (I didn’t think I was going to use it indoors, but now that it is inside…having more sections for décor would be nice).

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 014

Step 3: Sand all the main areas that will be painted!

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 019Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 021

Step 4: Screw the two pallets together. We added screws to the top, middle and base. The stand is surprisingly very solid & sturdy!

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 025

Step 5: Prep with spray paint. This is totally optional!! I had 2 cans of white spray paint at home so thought using them might help in adding coverage…and it did!

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 026

Step 6: Cut pieces for your shelves. Thankfully, my husband has a table saw so he did all the work! He cut larger pieces for the top of the stand, allowing it to hang over the pallets about an inch on each side & then a bunch of smaller ones for the 3 inner shelves.

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 029

Pallete Stand & Pillow Decor 030

Step 7: Paint!! The shelf pieces were painted a beautiful light blue color (tranquil from Valspar). This is my FAVORITE color right now. I’ve been using this little sample can for mini projects all over my house. It’s amazing how much is in that little jar. The rest was painted white. I did not paint the back of the stand. While I’m painting…my little one is playing=Momma life!    TIP: I used a $1 party table cloth that was left over from a birthday party for a simple paint protector.

{Check out my $0 out of pocket bedroom wall art I made using tranquil blue}.

After the paint dries….Ta-Da!! A new, beautiful, simple, rustic feel, KITCHEN STAND.

Robin Samsung 2 031

Kitchen stand 001Kitchen stand 003Kitchen stand 004Kitchen stand 010

I think it is so cute. Do you see what I mean about adding more shelves? Maybe next time. But I do love it. It has tons of imperfections but it adds to the character & overall rustic feel of the stand. I personally like that look. Also, everything that was used for this stand…we had at home already!! My husband got the pallets for free, we already had the tools, screws & extra wood pieces for the shelves & all the paint that was left over from other projects.

This cute, stand cost us $0 out of pocket!!

I hope you enjoyed this post & let me know if you have tried any pallet projects. I will definitely be doing more ❤



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