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Yellow Baby Shower: Crafty Ideas & Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

 My dear friend found out she was pregnant with her first BOY!! I had the honor of throwing her a Baby Shower. I asked her what kind of theme or colors she wanted and she said “Yellow or Blue with White & Grey.” I love the look of yellow & grey so I headed down that route. This shower theme was for a baby boy but of course could be used for either gender

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I’m always crafting away a few days before the event. I take over the office, the kitchen table & living room with all my CRAFTS! I like them laid out so I can see what I have made. I don’t really know in my mind all that I want to do for each event, BUT it comes to me as I begin crafting/preparing for it. I just go with the flow. I will admit that I usually put A LOT of time into every detail. Although they may be minor things to some, I just can’t HELP it!! Store bought is easier when it comes to time, but homemade usually adds that special touch that makes it worth taking the extra time to do it!

Here are the How To’s & Tips for Hosting:

Blessing Banner: I bought a pack of card stock in the color scheme I wanted: Yellow, greys, white & black. I cut out banner pieces & sewed them together. As each guest arrived, I asked them write a special blessing, prayer or wish for sweet, baby boy. IDEA: The mommy-to-be can hang this in the nursery, have for a keep sake or reuse at the baby’s 1st birthday party.

Game 1: “Advice for Momma: All About Boys.” This was her first boy so I thought it would be fun for the guest to write some advice about boys for her. Some were funny, thoughtful, tearful & silly! She read through them out loud & picked her favorite one. That person won a prize!! After the game, I tied the papers together so that she could keep them as a handy booklet for her memories. Print a cover page for the book & directions for the banner (add it in a frame too) for a sophisticated look.

Game 2: It was the traditional “Guess how BIG Momma’s belly is” game. But I added a cute little touch to it: I bought cream colored string, added my own label to fancy it up & bought wood letters for baby’s initials. We saved all the string that the guests used to guess how big her belly was & then wrapped the string around the letters (glued it too) for the momma to keep in the baby’s room. It was a cute idea & a fun décor item for the nursery.

Floral: A couple weeks before the shower, I saved soup cans & veggie cans for floral vases. I used card stock to decorate. I bought the floral bunches at our local grocer for $10. Such a great price for beautiful floral! I made a mini cake banner from card stock, stamped it with “Baby Boy VW” & added mini tissue puffs to hang over the cupcakes. The cupcake tray & cake stand are from the dollar store. The large cupcake tray ($1) was silver- I spray painted it white. The cake stand was $2 (made from a $1 glass candle holder & $1 serving plate- both spray painted white & hot glued together). 

Dot Decor: I absolutely love my 1.5″ hole puncher. I have used it so many times since I have purchased it. It is a fun crafting tool. Check out the cupcake picks, the hanging dot streamers, the little decor on the flower cans, the party favors & other little details…they all are from the hole puncher. I used my “V &W” stamps to add a personal touch for the Momma.

Dot streamers: I used my 1.5″ hole punch to cut out a TON of circles from the card stock. Then, attach them to fishing line with craft glue dots (take two circles & smash a glue dot between them and the fishing line). So fun!! I got this idea from a friend at by best friend’s bridal shower!

Snacks & Treats: Chocolate covered strawberries are always a hit & look fancy! I asked guests to please bring a dish to share. Everyone was very happy to do so & it really helps out! This saves the host from having to bake/prepare a ton of food & can focus more on the décor and set up.

Party Favors: Pick things you think people may find useful. I used mini jar candles ($1 each at Walmart) that match the color scheme. I peeled off the tacky label and tied my own tags to make them look much cuter!

You know I love my BANNERS!! I made a little flag banner (I used scrapbook paper with a cute design) & a dot banner (card stock from the pack I bought & my 1.5″ hole puncher). I just sew them straight across on my sewing maching & Wa-La super cute décor! Double them up for double the LOOK. IDEA: The momma-to-be can reuse the banners in the nursery to add to the décor!

TIP: Provide pens/paper for the games & have thank you cards already to go so guests can fill out their addresses on them. Light candles & uses dollies for a soft, elegant look!

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I hope you found some simple yet elegant ideas from this LITTLE MELLOW-YELLOW Baby Shower! Please fill me in on any fun (& different) baby shower games! It is hard to come up with new ones!


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