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Simple DIY Fire Pit {$15 out of Pocket}

A simple idea for a DIY Fire Pit for your backyard. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it WILL add tons of fun to any hang out!

firepit 052

My husband and I built this fire pit a few years ago & now that I have my BLOG, I have to share because we absolutely LOVE this space. When we moved to our house, this area in our yard was filled with tan bark, rocks, a small pond & a water feature. It was a cute area but it wasn’t being used at all, it was just nice to look at. We like to have friends over for dinner & gatherings but after having a few friends’ kids fall in the pond, we thought it was too much of a hazard. My husband really wanted a fire pit area so he started researching ideas. He ended up creating this design himself and it really worked out perfectly for our space as well as for his wallet. Our only purchase was…heavy duty chicken wire ($15)!!! Everything else (the rocks and paved stones) were in that area already. Check out your local craigslist or classifieds, people are always giving landscape rocks away for FREE if you pick them up. However, we did spend a lot of time rearranging this space (removing all the rocks, filling in the pond & laying down the paved stepping stones). BUT, the fire pit was so simple to make! My husband dug an area a couple feet in the ground, put in two rings of wire, filled dirt in around the wire & then we piled rocks in between the two wire rings. Easy-peasy!! We use this area a TON: birthday parties, gatherings, backyard dinners, morning coffee & reading, S’mores night, etc. It was totally worth getting rid of the pond & we don’t worry about children falling in!! Take a look & I hope you try this for a DIY project this weekend!

firepit 007

firepit 019

firepit 024

firepit 053

firepit 051

firepit 041

firepit 037

firepit 036

firepit 035

Have S’MORE Fun this weekend with your own DIY fire pit ❤


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