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Wives Challenge: No. 1 “A Joyful Challenge for the Day”

This is my very 1st “Wives Challenge!” God put it on my heart to challenge myself to completing this ONE task around the house that when kept up on, makes my hubby so HAPPY. Find out what that is: read the short story behind this “TASK” & take the JOYFUL challenge for yourselves today! ♡ You’re hubby will be happy!


 The last couple of days, when my husband has come home from work, there has been piles of laundry all over! There were 2 clean loads in baskets downstairs and one on the couch (folded & waiting to be put away). When he went to put his work clothes in the washer, there was a load needing to go in the dryer, so he opened the dryer but there was a load in there needing to be folded!

I will be the first to admit that LAUNDRY is not my thing. I have always struggled with keeping up on the laundry. Dishes = washed, Beds = made, Carpet = vacuumed, Laundry = EVERYWHERE!!!

I am sure that many of you can relate, especially because laundry is truly a constant ONGING task. Because of this dilemma, I choose to accomplish all the others tasks in my day before the laundry & then, the day is over & the laundry is still there!

Now, back to the story with my husband!! Noticing how bad the laundry situation was in our household he said, “What do you do all day?” Words that a stay at home mother of three VERY SMALL children never wants to hear. I immediately got defensive and started babbling off the TRILLIONS (not trillions, but TONS) of things I do all day. He started talking about how laundry is the easiest of tasks because it doesn’t require much attention. He followed it up with a Laundry Play-by-Play: “You put the load in the washer, do other things, put it in the dryer, do other things & then later, fold it & put it away. Easy” (his tone was calm and gentle, not rude but it bothered me). I continued telling him why I was so busy with the things I did all day long. Then, I started blaming him for the problem saying that he goes through clothes too quickly (work clothes, gym clothes, comfy clothes, etc.). I was pretty annoyed with his comment even though he was not being rude or mean to me, he was just talking about the issue.

I quieted my mouth and thought about it for a second. The reason that I got so annoyed, frustrated & defensive was because everything he was saying was absolutely TRUE!! Yes, I’m super busy all day BUT, I could definitely keep up on the laundry if I wanted to. The truth is, I fill my time with other tasks, other duties, other desires rather than tending to the clothes.

So…in my sad voice I told him, “I’m sad that you sad that.” He said, “Babe, you know I’m totally joking with you. I know you do so much. Look at the house, it’s so clean, everything is picked up, it looks really nice and you you’re taking care of three kids all day. I’m just giving you a hard time.” I said (in my sad voice again), “I’m sad because everything you said about the laundry is so true and…the truth hurts!” Kind of funny, but this is true too!

He gave me a sweet hug reassuring me that I do a good job around the home and said he is so thankful for all that I do get accomplished during the day. I was happy to hear that & I do know that he is very grateful for me.

It was not an argument or a fight, it was not even a BIG deal, yet two things have stuck in my mind: 1. I really need to TRY to keep up on the laundry and 2. The way I responded to that comment was not kind. As soon as my husband said something that I did not want to hear (even if it was the truth), I got snippy, defensive & began blaming him for it. This laundry problem helped me realize that I want to spend more time taking care of the things that are important to my husband (having clean under ware is one of them)! I know, from past experience, how happy he is to open his drawers and have all his clothes folded & waiting there for him. I know it is nice for him not to have to look through piles of clothes on the couch, search through the laundry room or ask me to grab some folded clothes off the couch. This little conversation has not left my mind and even though he said he was joking about it, I know that it bothers him.

So this morning…God, has truly put it on my heart to think of my husband’s needs TODAY: to do something that I know he would really appreciate, to do something that is out of the regular for me that would please him. Drum Roll please…TACKLE THE LAUNDRY EPIDEMIC! It sounds silly when I write it, but I feel like these simple things (the things that I know my husband appreciates) are the things that bring joy and peace in our home and relationship. I truly love when my husband comes home and notices and thanks me for all that was accomplished during the day.

Therefore, today I am challenging myself to complete all the laundry before my hubby gets home from work: washed, dried, folded & put away! I am challenging myself (by God’s grace of course) to do it all with a joyful and grateful heart, praising God for the gift of a husband and a family (Philippians 4:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:18). I am challenging myself to do it without complaining or negativity (Philippians 2:14). I am also challenging myself to keep my heart focused on the Lord, remembering that there is significance to completing these simple tasks (like laundry) each day (Colossians 3:23). By His grace, If I choose to acknowledge the Lord in all I do (even chores) and praise His precious name, I know the Lord will be pleased.

I pray this gives you encouragement as you take on the many, busy tasks of the day.

TAKE THE JOYFUL CHALLENGE: Whether you work outside of the home or are a full time homemaker, I challenge you to do one extra task today that you know will put a smile of surprise and thankfulness on your husband’s face. This can be simple or more complex! Whatever works best for you! IDEAS: make a special dessert or cook your hubby’s favorite meal for dinner tonight, make a cute card & fill it with kind words of your thankfulness towards him, buy him a little gift or a yummy treat & leave it in a place for him to find when he gets home, take care of something around the house that has been needing your attention. PLEASE, let me know how the challenge goes in a comment!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men.” Colossians 3:23


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5 thoughts on “Wives Challenge: No. 1 “A Joyful Challenge for the Day”

  1. I am surprised and encouraged that your solution to the problem was to look to yourself to change and not .try to change everyone around you.
    May God please your efforts.


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