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A Typical Day/Week at Manning Academy

Get ideas for your class routines! Take a little journey through a normal day/week at our preschool.

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During a week of preschool, tons of learning is taking place inside & outside the classroom. Listed below is a schedule of what typically goes on in our class each day/week. This schedule works for us & allows us to cover different subjects & activities relating to our Letter of the Week.

Prayer: We start each class time off with prayer! We ask God’s blessing times upon our day of learning & that He would reveal more of Himself to us through His creation & Word.


Clock: The kids take turns changing the hands on the clock to whatever time it is that we start class.

Songs: Each class we go over our class moto & sing the Fruits of the Spirit Song (Galatians 5:22-23). Then we watch a short phonics video song from YouTube (Phonics Song-New Version). It has been great with helping my kids remember the phonics of each letter. We also sing The Days of the Week, The Months of the Year & say the Pledge of Allegiance.


Overview: We quickly review the letters, phonics & verses we did in pervious weeks. Then we go over what we are learning that week: The Letter of the Week, the Word of the Week & the Verse of the Week. We go over phonic flash cards & look at our ABC Shelf Display. Take a look at our ABC Shelf Display here.


Verse: Each week I pick out a verse that has our Word of the Week in it. I teach it to the kids with matching hand motions (I just make the hand motions up). Using hand motions really helps all of us to remember our verse. We go over the verse a couple times together & then they do it by themselves.




Subjects/Activities: We pick one or two subjects a day to do an activity from: Language Arts, Science, History, Math & Bible Study. I usually start with Language arts on the first day of our school week (Tuesday) to introduce our new letter. We have class 4 days a week so one day I will combine two subjects together. During this time we usually read from library books, watch a short documentary & do a craft/worksheet that is all about the topic of the letter/subject we are on. [For example: if the Letter of the Week is A & the subject is Science, you can learn about Alligators! Get books from the library about alligators, look them up in the encyclopedia, watch a video from NatGeo/YouTube (Life cycle, diet, teeth, etc.), & do a craft about them too]. Lots of fun & lots of learning involved. Take a look at our Letter of the Week “A” Activities & see the Manning Academy Page for other weekly activity ideas.

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Snacks: Each day I try to coordinate our snacks to go with our Letter of the Week in some way. This is really fun because even when they are eating, I can reinforce what letter we are on & the sound that it makes! Here is my post ABC Snack Guide for fun ideas and a printable copy for you to have when you go shopping!


Points: My kids are motivated by earning points. They can earn a point for each block of learning time (Verse, Reading/Videos, & Crafts). If they earn their point they get to write it on the board & are rewarded with a treat after class if they get their 3 points.

Learning time out of the Class:

Library: We go to the Library on Mondays. We do not have regular class on Mondays so it’s a perfect library day. My kids love the library. They each have their own book bag and are allowed to fill them up with whatever books they want to read during quiet time that week (approved books, of course!). I pick out tons of books that have to do with our Letter of the Week. I pick mostly non-fiction books, but I do pick out fiction books that are fun to read before bedtime & correlate with our Letter in some way. They love to play with the games & activities at the library. We also will read a couple of books before we go.

Reading Skills: My oldest son (4 1/2 years old) and I work together on reading from BOB Books. We do this when I can have a little alone time with him (which is hard to find with 2 other small children). We usually practice reading skills when I put the kids down for naps. He will stay up to read with me for about 10 minutes & then go down for his quiet time. We practice using BOB Books. They have been wonderful. He read his first Bob book without any help from me just one week after we first started practicing from them. Now he has read 3 books! I love our reading time together.

Lila Lessons: My two boys got a lot of learning time from me when they were babies and I feel like I have not spent as much time teaching my 15 month old, Lila. So…lately Lila, the boys & I come together and we do “Lila Lessons!” This time is super short but it’s really fun. It’ about ten minutes long. We do it right after we pick up toys in the kids room, before nap time. We sit in a circle and sing songs & I read a picture book call My First Words. We go over colors, shapes, animals, animals sounds, parts of the body, counting, foods, etc. It is a perfect “first” words book!

Extra Curricular Activities: We do all kinds of fun activities throughout the week. If the kids want to do Karate or Piano, I’ll YouTube lessons (I joke that you can YouTube anything!!). We play baseball, go to for walks, go to the park, have play dates, play games, ride bikes, they help with cooking/baking in the kitchen & all kinds of other things around the home.

Since I homeschool, my mind is always turning “ordinary things/situations” into a lesson so it is hard to put all our learning time into a category! But these are the MAIN, REGULAR activities that we do each day/week together! I hope you are able to use this outline for learning time ideas for your class!


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