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Letter of the Week: A

Activity, lesson & craft ideas ALL about Letter A! Whether you homeschool or not, these simple & fun ideas can be used for learning time with your babes.


Welcome back to school!! This week everything is All About Letter A!

If you are new to homeschool preschool I think you will enjoy this post. This week is geared at helping your kids get excited about school, enjoy some FUN crafts & activities as well as learn to recognize, write & sound out letter A.

How it works:

In our class, I like to work on Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies & Bible Studies. Depending on the LETTER of the WEEK, we also have a WORD of the WEEK that goes with a Bible VERSE of the WEEK.

I teach the subjects in a manner that I feel my children can understand & enjoy. I pick one or two subjects to focus on each class time. The kids and I usually finish up our activities in an hour to an hour & a half (I try to finish before little baby sister wakes up)! I encourage you to find out what works well for you, your kids & your time. This is what we do in our class & it has been working for us. Of course there are days when we miss class, or take breaks or something comes & that is OK! This is one of the beauties of homeschool…you get to work around YOUR schedule 🙂

For more ideas about how to run/schedule your class time, check out A Typical Day/Week at Manning Academy.


Letter of the Week: A     Word of the Week: APPLE

Verse of the Week: Psalm 17:8 “Keep me as the APPLE of Your eye, Hide me in the shadow of Your wings.”

Language Arts:

Words that Start with A: We focused on a few Letter A Words to help with the phonics of A (Ant, Alligator & of course, APPLE). I cut out different shapes from craft paper to make the apple, ant & alligator and had the kids the glue them together, trace the letter A and/or write out each Letter A Word.

Apple Tree Activity: I cut out shapes from craft paper to make trees & the kids used the hole puncher to make “apples” for the tree. They either traced A or wrote Apple on the trunk. They absolutely LOVED this activity because they were able to use the hole puncher! I will incorporate the puncher more now that I know how much they love it.

Reading: We read different books throughout the week that had something to do with the Letter A that we picked out from the Library (Topics that began with A, ABC Books, Letter A Books).

Verse: We learn a memory verse from the Bible each week. I teach it to my kids through song or hand motions. This really helps them remember (It helps ME TOO). When my little boy was 2 & could not talk as well, but he could do hand motions for the verses just fine!! So, don’t be discouraged by their age. This week our verse was Psalm 17:8 “Keep me as the APPLE of Your eye, Hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

Educational Videos: We watched a phonics video from YouTube all about the Letter A. We also always start the class off with my favorite phonics songs “Phonics Song (New Version)” My kids love it!



Apple Picking Assortment: This activity focused on counting, writing numbers & grouping colors. I used pom-poms & an egg carton cut in half. { You have to use your imagination to PRETEND that the pom-poms are different kinds of APPLES }!! I gave the kids a baggie full of pom-poms & had them sort the “apples” into the different color groups. Then they counted how many “apples” they had in each color group & wrote them down. My older one was able to focus on counting efficiently and writing the numbers down. My younger one did great with color sorting, but needed a lot of help with counting & is just starting to trace… so, I let him scribble all over his work page!

Robin Samsung 2 010Robin Samsung 2 005


All About Alligators: We watched a video about alligators, looked up pictures about alligators & did a couple alligator activities. THEY LOVE ALLIGATORS!! The first activity- Growing Alligators! You can see in the picture above a toy alligator on the table. It is one that grows when you put it in water. We put the growing alligators in water & over the next few days the boys watched it grow & grow. They loved checking on it each day (They are from the dollar store & they have different kinds of animals to choose from). It was fun to see their excitement with this “Science Experiment.”

Second Activity- Alligator Teeth: After reading & learning together about an alligator’s teeth & what they eat, we did an “A for Alligator” Craft. I cut out Letter A from green craft paper, sharp teeth & eyes. They boys glued it all together to make a “vicious” alligator!

Robin Samsung 2 188

Social Studies:  

America: We learned about the United States of AMERICA!!! We sang America’s National Anthem, said America’s Pledge of Allegiance, read about America’s 50 states & did an American Flag craft. They really enjoyed it (especially singing the anthem together).


Airplanes & Amelia Earhart: We read about the invention of planes & all the different planes through the ages. Then we watched a short bio on Amelia Earhart. Worksheet: The kids drew & colored an airplane with Amelia Earhart flying over the Atlantic. Then they made their own paper airplanes & went outside to test them out!


Bible Study:

Adam & Eve: We read in the Bible about how God created human life & the first person He created was Adam. We read through Genesis Chapter 3 about Adam & Eve disobeying God & the importance of obeying our Almighty God. I made little books and had the kids color the pictures. On the back I had the kids draw a picture of themselves because God created them too.


I hope this gives you some fun ideas for teaching Letter A to your little ones. Visit Manning Academy Preschool Page to see a fun ABC Snack List to go with each Letter of the Week, as well as what A Typical Day at Manning Academy is like.

Also, our classroom got a few updates since I posted photos about it: Check them out here


2 thoughts on “Letter of the Week: A

  1. Looks like it was an awesome week, Ms. Robin! The boys are so cute and they look like they are having such a good time learning. The blog looks amazing! I was so glad to have you stop by #SocialButterflySunday this week and link up! Hope you all are well and talk to you soon 🙂 ~Kelly


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