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DIY Spiderman Birthday Party + Free Spiderman Food Label Printables!

My kids know that Momma loves to craft for their birthdays. Lately, when a birthday rolls around I let them scroll around on google with me to get ideas about a theme for their party. Of course, in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Hmmm, will this be something I want to craft for?” My little Cruz kept going back to SPIDERMAN! He was diligent about a Spiderman Birthday Party. I was not feelin’ it!! I was leaning more towards sharks, construction theme or something that could be done a little more “cutely” (if that’s a word). BUT I gave in (after all this is all for HIM, right?) and I am so glad I did! After browsing around on the internet for ideas, I began to get super EXCITED for another superhero party (I have 2 boys)!

The party turned out to be a blast! My little guy had so much fun, especially because his dad surprised him with a Spiderman costume the day of. We had a small bouncy house, Spiderman games, Spiderman piñata, Spiderman treats & Spiderman decorations! Pretty much all the décor was DIY, as well as the piñata! Scroll through & I hope you get some fun ideas for your next PARTY!! PS: I created the food labels in Word. They are not very hard to make but sure do take a LOT of time. If you like the labels…download them for FREE to use for YOUR Spiderman or superhero PARTY!!! I have a FREE printable: Spiderman Food Labels! Enjoy.

The Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party
















DIY Party Décor Ideas/Tips:

Buildings: Boxes wrapped with gift wrap (I found Red, Blue & Yellow at Dollar Tree). I used black card stock for the windows.

City Skyline: Black poster board. I cut it to try to resemble a skyline 🙂

Cupcake Stand: $1 plates & $1 Candle holders hot glued together & painted white. This stand cost $6 & $1 for the little white “C” on top (I found that at Walmart in their craft section). I made a mini banner to go around the plate to add to the “flare.”

Banners: I bought a huge pack of cardstock with primary colors from Walmart for $5. I cut out triangles & sewed them together with my sewing machine. I used an old comic book to cut out letters for “Happy Birthday” & then clipped Spiderman pictures from the same comic book to hang on the other banner. I did the same for the “New York City” banner but used crafting paper letters that I already had at home.

Cupcake Toppers & Wraps: I found these beautiful cupcake wraps at my local party store for $1 (I got light blue, yellow & red). I printed Superhero sayings for the Cupcake Picks from (Link at the bottom). I just printed them (on regular printer paper) & taped them to toothpicks.

Food Labels: I used Word Processor to create my own Superhero Food Labels. If you want to use them, download them for FREE here: Spiderman food labels (Keep in mind: when you open up this document from your cell, the words can be off a little. To see the full size open them up from a desktop or laptop:). I just printed them on regular printer paper & they worked just fine. No cardstock needed 🙂 I cut them (very carefully of course) & taped them to little wooden skewers or on the container directly.

Spiderman Pinata: I followed the same technique that I used for my Strawberry Pinata (check out this post for simple instructions! Seriously…SO SIMPLE) & then used black puff paint for the web face. This was really simple to make! You have to try it & it costs only a couple of dollars if you have tape & glue at home 🙂 They turn out so much cuter than any store bought piñata & kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pinatas! It is a bit time consuming but it is WORTH it.

Party Favors: I bought bubbles from the dollar store (packs of 3 were $1) & bubble gum balls from the party store (4 for a $1). I cut strips of the comic book to go around the bubbles, tied it all together & added a tag stamped with a “C” for Cruz. The printed part of the tags were from (link at the end of post).

*Spiderman Food Labels: Click to download your own food labels for a Spiderman or a Superhero Themed Birthday Party! Just cut them out & tape them to picks or skewers! SO SIMPLE & they are FREE! I created these myself but you can always edit the food titles to the treats that you want to serve 🙂

*Simple Strawberry Pinata (Follow these steps to make a homemade piñata! Use the same shape for a Spiderman Pinata)*

*Click here for the Family Shopping Bag Spiderman Cupcake printouts & party favor tags!

I hope you were able to get some fun ideas for your SPIDERMAN/SUPERHERO Party! Don’t be shy…please leave comments for me!


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