7 Days of Thankfulness: Wives Challenge No. 2

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I find myself pondering more and more on the things that I am thankful for. When I spend time thinking about the blessings in my life, it makes all the little stressors seem so small, especially when I compare them to some of the major issues taking place in our world right now. I really have so much to be thankful for. The last few weeks, I have been praying about my next Marriage Encouragement Post (it has been a couple of months since my last challenge) and I am excited to share with you what God put on my heart: 7 Days of Thankfulness. Now that it’s one week from Thanksgiving, it seems like the perfect time to start it. If you are getting this challenge later, do not hesitate…still complete it!


7 Days of Thankfulness: Wives Challenge No. 2

As I mentioned above, this month I have been pondering even more on the things that I am thankful for and thankfully…one of those blessings is my husband. I love him so much. I truly am so grateful to God for uniting us together. I tell my husband often how thankful I am for him but this challenge, made me really dig deeper in my heart for those specific details about him that add up to the overall thankfulness that I have. My prayer for you is that you will spend some time really thinking about the things about your husband that you are thankful for and that it will be a blessing to your husband (as well as you) when you share them with him.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Write down 7 things about your husband that you are thankful for. Try to spend some time really thinking about them, ponder on them, ask God to reveal them to you. Then, write each one separately on a card, post it, piece of paper, or even have it ready to send in a text.

2. For the next 7 days, reveal one your Thankfulness Notes to your husband. Be creative with how you share them. Maybe for one of the days put one note on his coffee cup so that he sees it in the morning, the next day post it on the bathroom mirror, or slip it in this wallet, tape it to the steering wheel, send a text while he’s at work, etc. Think about ways to make it fun and surprising for him. On day 7 (possibly Thanksgiving Day if you start this one week out) try to make it an extra special note to top it off your 7 Days of Thankfulness. Add a little gift of gratitude to it. It can be something small like breakfast in bed, a cup of coffee made before he gets up, a coupon for a massage by you, or maybe something else that he would love ;). Be creative & thoughtful!

3. Keep your copy of the list you wrote out in your drawer or someplace that it won’t get tossed so that you can look it over every once in a while to be reminded of the things about your husband that YOU are so thankful for.

4. Have fun & keep note of how your husband responds & then cherish the moment 🙂

{I wasn’t sure if I should share with you the things that God put on my heart about my husband but when I started thinking about it I felt like maybe I should! Hopefully, by doing so it will be insightful for you & help you really think about the favorite things about your husband. So here I go…}

1. I am thankful that you chose me to be your wife.

2. I am thankful to you for the work that you do to provide for our family which allows me to stay home with our children. It is a privilege for me and I am thankful to you for that.

3. I am thankful that you love me on my good days…and my bad days.

4. I am thankful that you are a man who loves God and that you shared that love of the Father with me.

5. I am thankful that you have been such a huge support system to both of our families. In fun times and in real trials and struggles, you have always been there to show your support.

6. I am thankful that you want more babies with me. You truly feel that children are a blessing and I love that.

7. I am thankful for the God given gifts, talents and characteristics that make you who you are. You are a blessing to me and all of our household.

Wives, I encourage you to take the challenge. I pray it will be a great blessing to you as you dig into deeper truths of your thankfulness towards your husband, and I pray your husband will be blessed by receiving these sweet notes from you the next 7 days.

God Bless & Happy Thanksgiving.

Check out Wives Challenge No. 1 if you haven’t already!




2 thoughts on “7 Days of Thankfulness: Wives Challenge No. 2

  1. I LOVE this!! This is so sweet and such a simple thing to do to make them feel so loved! I’m taking this challenge! I can’t wait to start tonight!


    1. Oh yay!! Let me know how it goes ♡ Writing out my thankfulness list really reminded me of how blessed I am to have my hubby. Praying your marriage will be blessed by this wives challenge too!


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