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Free Pirate Party Printables: Food Labels, Banner, Invitations & More!

What did you think of Captain Noah’s Pirate Party?!! If you haven’t seen it, please check it out here & If you loved it you can have all the décor here for FREE! Yes the cupcake picks, the food labels, the banners, & the invitations! All FREE 🙂 God bless!

Just a couple of things to keep in mind…

  1. These are to be used for personal use only (no selling at all, please & thank you).
  2. Our party was personalized, so in order to make these user friendly for all…I changed the wording on some of the décor 🙂
  3. The decorations look plain in the documents. That is how mine were too. They look the BEST after taped/glued to scrapbook paper &/or cardstock.


















Pirate Party Invites: Just print off how many you need and fill in the blanks 🙂

I printed the invites, rolled them up & tied them with string. Very simple & costs nothing out of pocket if you have paper, ink & string at home. If you don’t have a printer use your local library’s or go to FedEx 🙂

I also saved one to have in a frame as part of the décor at the party.



















Pirate Party Banner A-Z: Don’t click print all just yet. In this document, the first few pages are for the word C A P T A I N. After that there is the entire alphabet, ! and # signs & a ship. Just take note of the pages you want to print to customize your own banner.

Pirate Party Food Labels: {Includes Food Labels, Cupcake Circle Picks & Flag Picks}

I printed this all up on regular printer paper. For the labels, I bought red & white striped scrap book paper & black cardstock from the craft store. I cut & pasted the labels to the cardstock, the did the same with the striped paper but made the black card stock fold over to set up on it’s own.

I cut out the circle cupcake picks & flags and taped them to toothpicks. I used extra flags & circles for décor on other things around the set up. The cupcake wrappers are from the party store. The other flags (white with red trim) are from the craft store.


Pirate Party Favor Labels: For the favors, I found pirate bandanas at a thrift store completely brand new for 25 cents each! Wow, what a deal. I used those as the main favor as well as a few gold coins & a pirate eye patch ($1.99 for 12 at my local party store). I used snack size zip bags and folded the favor tag across the top and sealed with hot glue. {You may want to trim edges of tags if they don’t fit just right on your bag}.


DIY Number Piñata: This is so simple to make & it is a lot of fun for the kids. I had duck tape and a cardboard box at home so I only paid $1.99 (for the tissue paper) to make this piñata! For a Piñata how-to read my Simple DIY Strawberry Piñata Post. It’s the same steps/process just cut out a different shape for the number you want.

Décor: I went to our local thrift store and found that AWESOME pirate ship picture for 25 cents, I always found nice glass candy dishes & sundae cups for cents each! As well as the bandanas mentioned earlier. It was worth going there to find those deals. I used a pot rack (I have it at home and use it as a little stand in my kitchen) for the center of the table. I had the coast guard ship at home but added pirate detail to it from the printables. I used beer bottles for candle holders and a little wooden chest from the craft store (only $1).

The backdrop is a plastic party table cloth sewn together (only the borders were printed so I had to cut & sew them). The cupcake stand was made from different Dollar Store pieces, painted white & hot glued together.



I hope you ENJOYED this post! To see all the party pictures & fun check out this post here!

I hope you gathered some IDEAS & I hope you use the downloads. Please let me know how your PIRATE PARTY turns out!

Xoxo, Robin


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