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DIY Fiesta Birthday Party! + Free Printable Fiesta Food Labels, Banners & More!

My sweet girl is not a little baby anymore! She just turned two!!! Wow…two years FLEW by. I was very excited about her party this time around! A FIESTA!! How could you not be excited about a fiesta? The inspiration for her party theme came from a dress that we got for her when we went to Mexico last year. It’s a really cute, mint green dress with little, colorful birdies sewed on the front. About 8 months ago when I was putting her clothes away I saw it hung up and thought, “She’ll probably fit in this when she’s two.” And then…a FIESTA theme birthday party popped into my crazy, crafting mind and I was instantly excited about her party! The ideas already started flowing immediately! Ha! It wasn’t until a month or so before that I started really planning it and gathering things together. One week out I started crafting.

Lila doesn’t have a lot of friends her age so our party was close friends and family, which was nice and simple. I didn’t worry about entertaining the kids. We had dinner, cake & ice cream & a piñata. For dinner we served TACOS! We did homemade taco/tostada bar: shredded chicken, Spanish rice, refined beans & ALL the fixings. Everything really turned out great. If you want food details, comment below (I was surprised at how easy the preparation was for cooking a lot of food so I’m happy to share what I did).

If you are interested in having your own fiesta, please download my FREE fiesta décor PDF files at the bottom of the post. I created these myself and would love to bless you with them for free. Decorations can add up if you’re not mindful & every little bit saved can be used towards other supplies, something more important or even to bless someone else 🙂

God Bless & I hope you find some fun, FIESTA ideas.

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Free Fiesta Party Downloads:

Just a couple of things to keep in mind…

  1. These are to be used for personal use only (no selling at all, please & thank you).
  2. Our party was personalized, so in order to make these user friendly for all…I changed the wording on the favor tags, cupcake picks & main FIESTA banner 🙂
  3. They look plain in the documents. That is how mine were too. They look the BEST after taped/glued to scrapbook paper &/or cardstock.

Fiesta Banner: There are a few different options with this banner…”Fiesta,” “Let’s Fiesta,” “Time to Fiesta,” or “Fiesta Time.” Just print up the pages you want in the document. Use the cactus pieces to separate words or to go on the ends 🙂

Fiesta Cupcake Picks & Bebidas Banner

Fiesta Food Labels

Fiesta Favor Tags: These tags fit best with favor bags that are about 4″ across. I just hot glued them to the tops of the treat bags.

“Fiesta Like There’s No Manana” Sign

Fiesta Dulces: This is perfect to go on your sweets table along with your other food labels 🙂

{The cactus used in my décor was found in clipart for Word}



3 thoughts on “DIY Fiesta Birthday Party! + Free Printable Fiesta Food Labels, Banners & More!

  1. Absolutely precious in every way. So much love and hard work! Amazing job – but be careful. Your heart for your children is showing <3. They are blessed beyond Measure and so is Lucas.


  2. I love the banner templates, but I think it can use a little more variety than the single cactus picture. I’m not worried about the color- I can print those onto patterned paper to make them look pretty, but I might use some other pictures in addition to the cactus. Thank you so much for sharing!


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