Marriage & Motherhood

{ This page is a Library of my posts related to Marriage & Motherhood: Encouragement, Challenges & Prayers for Wives & Moms }


Wives Challenge: No. 1 

This is my very 1st “Wives Challenge!” God put it on my heart to challenge myself to completing this ONE task around the house that when kept up on, makes my hubby so HAPPY. Find out what that is: read the short story behind this “TASK” & take the JOYFUL challenge for yourselves today! ♡ You’re hubby will be happy!


Wives Challenge No. 2: 7 Days of Thankfulness

Surprise your husband with little notes of thankfulness for a week. Not just basic “I’m thankful for you” words, but deep, thoughtful notes of true gratitude. You’ll be blessed by this & hopefully, so will he!


Motherhood Encouragement & Challenge: No. 1 “Patience Please”

This is my first Motherhood Encouragement post! I have been praying about what I should share with you & the Lord truly put this on my heartPATIENCE. I hope you enjoy this story, I hope you can relate to it in some way & I hope this will encourage all you moms today.


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